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Static Messing With Your Style?

IT'S here..the cold, the snow & the static! Are you finding it hard to have a good hair day lately? Do you look like you stuck your finger in a light socket? Does it feel like someones rubbed a balloon over your hair all night when you get up in the morning?

For those of us who live in places where the temp drops below freezing a static hair day becomes part of our winter look this time of year. Does it have to though? At the risk of sounding too "sciency" (Is that a word? It will be today.) you can actually be in total control of your static. Let me breakdown the science for you. Side Note - I'm probably more shocked than my high school chemistry teacher that I just said that. Nonetheless, static is caused by an imbalance of negative & positive atoms. When hair is too positively charged, static is created. The drier the hair the more static appears. There are many factors in which cause the hair to get too dry, the number one being us. We over dry our hair with our blow dryers, we don't use the right products to restore moisture & we don't get deep conditioning treatments nearly as often as we should. So what can you do about it? Keep reading!

Top Tips To Stop Static

1. Use an ionic blow dryer! A blow dryer with the option to go in and out of positive & negative ions will keep your atoms balanced all year round! I highly recommend the Style Lock Pro by Sexy Hair.

2. Avoid using any plastic combs or brushes! A brush with bamboo bristles is best to help smooth & shine.

3. Use a leave in conditioner! This is simple styling step that will help your hair in so many ways. Leave in conditioners help replace moisture & protect our hair from all the stuff we do to it. This is a must year round. Not sure which leave in is right for you? Click HERE, tell me about your hair & I'll recommend the right one for you!

4. Spray your brush with a light or medium hold hairspray! Hairspray adds weight to the hair strand keeping that frizz in check.

5. Rub Bounce Sheets on your pillow! Bounce Sheets are known for eliminating static in our clothes, so why not for our hair? During the driest months it's helpful to use this trick two or three times a week especially for those who wash daily.

6. SEE ME for a deep conditioning treatment! Deep conditioning treatments not only help replace what's missing in your hair, they also help repair your hair. Due to the, sometimes extreme, measures we put our hair thru, a deep conditioning treatment is recommended at every appointment!

Want a deep conditioning treatment for free? Click HERE!

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