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Don't Be Shy, Give Dry Shampoo A Try!

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP..It's 5:30am on Monday morning, again? I should get up & jump in the shower, after all I have to wash my hair. After a weekend full of errands, cleaning, activities & family this is surely the last thing I want to do. BEEP..BEEP! Ugh, there it is again. Just when I'm about to pull the covers off & roll out of bed I remember it! WAIT! I have dry shampoo! Hallelujah! Bam, snooze button hit for the third time!

Isn't this real life? Dry shampoo can certainly be a life, time & style saver. Side Note: If you are a mom you have an indescribable love for dry shampoo that no woman can fully appreciate until they've been there. Need confirmation? Ask any mom you know! Since hitting the market a few years back, dry shampoos have come a long way. Now every brand, both professional & non, make one or four. There are colored dry shampoos, volumizing dry shampoos & even powder dry shampoos. So with so many that do so much, which one is right for you? How do you decide? Let me break it all down for you!

What is a dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a product that absorbs oil to keep hair fresh between normal washing. They are formulated with everything from clay to volcanic ash, yes really. They come in both powder & aerosol forms.

How does a dry shampoo work?

Pretty simply actually! Dry shampoos help stop oil & product build up from absorbing into your hair. They help save your style for days to come & extend the life of your hair color.

How do I use a dry shampoo?

I love this question! As a professional hairstylist of 13years & dry shampoo user for the last 7, I can honestly tell you 85% of people, even some stylists, use dry shampoo incorrectly. When using a dry shampoo the steps are simple, but if missed, can be the reason you may have turned your back on them.


1.Shake the dry shampoo first! 2.Lift your hair away from the scalp exposing your root. 3.Spray the dry shampoo onto your root area. 4.Repeat around your head in the most oily places. 5.LET IT SIT for 3-5min. while you apply your mascara, scroll Instagram or reply to that email. This is the most important step & the one that is the most missed. You have to let it absorb the oil from the scalp & break down the excess product. 6.Then & only then, should you pick up your brush & brush out your hair.

Alright, alright now that we've reviewed the what, how & why, let's help you decide which one is right for you!

If you have finer hair you'll like a dry shampoo for the volumizing factor, therefore, you'll want one that will give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair without weighing it down. I recommend these two, Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo OR Healthy Sexy Hair Hair Laundry!

If your hair type is medium to coarse you probably don't get too oily & can go a few days without washing even without a dry shampoo. You may, however, want to save that style from day one. If that's the case you will like a dry shampoo for the clean factor. The Style Sexy Hair H2no is by far my favorite & my choice for my own hair!

If you wear extensions and/or if you fall in the middle of wanting to add texture as well as your hair to feel clean you'd love the Luxe Dry Shampoo by Long Sexy Hair.

There you have it, all the deets! If you're still unsure or curious, click HERE & come see me! Don't be shy, give dry shampoo a try!

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