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-Spring Trendy Tresses-

SPRING is here...or at least it's suppose to be according to the calendar. Here in Minnesota we clearly haven't gotten the memo yet as we are currently having a blizzard in April - Insert extreme whining here! Even though signs of spring may seem nowhere in sight, I still have spring fever. I really do just love this time of year! From blooming flowers to warm sun to my favorite, spring hair trends. I'm breaking down all things fresh in hair from 90's hair color to why Carrie Bradshaw may want to take back her scrunchie words..Keep Reading!

Golden Hair Color!

Who remembers Buffy, The Vampire Slayer? How about Clueless? What do these two shows have in common besides being two of biggest hits of the 90's? They both showcase leading ladies who fashionably supported golden blonde hair. This trend is making a comeback & it's gorgeous! Balayage & Ombre techniques still remain popular for 2018, but I have been seeing a shift in color tone from a pale bright blonde to a golden blonde & I'm not sad about it. Now golden doesn't mean yellow! Think caramel or honey, not butter. Golden tones have a great way of complimenting skin tones as well as adding dimension to hair. Click here to add some to your look today!

Peek-A-Boo Braids!

Those who know me personally know I love to add braids to any style when possible. That's why this next trend has me like YES! I just love the idea of adding a little flair with your own hair! Adding a peek-a-boo braid underneath your curls or waves is a great way to showcase that "lived in" look which is totally in. Looking for a great product to get that braid to stay? Check out my favorite from Healthy Sexy Hair, Styling Paste. Not sure how to braid or which type of braid to add to your look? No worries, I got you covered! Click here to let me know!

Scrunchies Are Really In?!

YES, it's a fact, the Scrunchie is back! That circular band of fabric covered elastic that we all remember from our childhood is sure making a strong statement these days. From brands like Lululemon to American Eagle to the hottest Etsy shops (this one is my fav.), everyone is in the market for a scrunchie. Why? To be very honest they may not have always been the most attractive way to pull back hair, but they are one of the healthiest. With soft fabrics ranging from silk to velvet, you're surely to see less breakage when gathering hair. Another great benefit, you can sleep in a scrunchie & not have the dreaded "kink" in your hair from a standard ponytail which is a huge style saver. Lastly, they're the new perfect addition to any messy bun look, really showing off your style! So there you have it Carrie Bradshaw, women in NY & everywhere in fact do wear scrunchies!

Which trend are you most excited about? I'd love to hear from you! Leave your comments and/or send me a quick message here! Follow me on Instagram for more hair inspo. @w.basshair. Thanks Loves!

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