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-My Most Wonderful Things Of The Year-

Hey Friends! It's been a while, a long while. I think scrunchies were still poplar the last time I wrote here. My apologies for the extended absence, I've, like you, been knee deep in all the life things. I've been chasing around my now 2yr. old little guy & trying to clear the hairspray from my lungs as I come off of the 36 weddings I've been blessed to do this year. 2018 has been a ride & a fast one! I keep looking at my calendar going, there's no way it's December already! Then every time I turn on the TV to see Santa across all stations I'm reminded that yes, yes it is December. I'm not complaining though, I mean I don't know about you, but give me all the Christmas goodies, Hallmark movies & red wine, lots & lots of red wine!

In the spirit of making lists & checking them twice, I wanted to share some of my favorite finds with you. Maybe just one of them would help ignite a gift idea for that hard to buy for person on your list. Check them out!

Rodan & Fields, Lash Boost

I know you've heard about this, it's everywhere. I know it's expensive, but it works! I've used this Lash Boost for a year now after a catastrophe with lash extensions, it's been a life saver. I often am asked if I'm wearing lashes, but the best part, I can go to the grocery store with no makeup & not feel so paranoid! Get some, it's so worth it! If you're not sure where to grab it, head on over here where my gal, Nicole will take care of you!

Girl, Wash Your Face

If you know me at all or follow me on any form of social media you've definitely heard me talk about this book. I can't recommend it enough! It's changed my vantage point on so many things in life. Rachel Hollis is a master of her craft & in this book she breaks everything down to help you understand how to move forward with goals, relationships & yourself. If I could afford it, I would buy the entire inventory & give it to random woman that I meet. That's how passionate I am about it! So if you've been living under a rock & haven't yet checked it out, head on over to Amazon & grab it!

Hot Sexy Hair, Control Me

This is a serious game changer if you're using any sort of hot tool on your hair. It's a workable hairspray that has heat protection! That's pretty much unheard of in the hair product world. You usually can get both, but in separate products. This 2 in 1 saves you both time & money. I use this non stop behind the chair on my clients, on my own hair & on all my updos! It's a must have for me & I know you'd love it too! You can get it at Ulta or on

Que Bella Face Masks

These little gems are my absolute favorite for giving my skin a quick pick me up! They come in many forms from charcoal to lavender & are a great form of self care. After washing off my makeup, I throw one of these on at least two times a week. Did I mention they are pretty cheap too? They're like $2 at Target or often come in packs of 6 for under $10! I see a stocking stuffer in your future, you're welcome! So wash your face, slap one of these on & pour yourself a glass of wine while it works! Now that's a way to end your day! You can grab these at Target, Amazon or directly right here!

Start Today Gratitude Journal

Using a gratitude journal is a new practice for me, but one I've come to love! Each morning, with my coffee of course, I sit down to write 10 dreams I'm going to make come true & 5 things I'm grateful for. I use this fancy journal to the left, but honestly this practice can be used on any old notebook you have lying around. There is something so powerful about starting your day with intention & coming from a place of gratitude. I accomplish more, I have a clear vision of what I'm working on & the coolest thing, those dreams I write down, they actually come true! I encourage you to start using this practice & if you want a fancy journal to do it in you can grab yours here!

Alright there you have it, my most wonderful things of 2018! I hope it helped spark an idea or at the very least was just something fun to read today. I wish you & your family the very best holiday season! I thank you so much for your support this year whether you're a family member, friend, client, colleague or social media friend. You're interest, whatever it is, means a lot to me!

I have some stellar things planned for 2019 & I can't wait to share them with you in the new year! Until then, let's stay connected on one of the platforms below! Happy Holidays!

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